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Artisans passionate about stone since 1950.

Even in difficult times, some decisions must be made, such as those related to the memory of someone we care deeply about. We often advise people during difficult times. We understand their pain and respect their rituals and values. If you would like to offer an immortal souvenir in the memory of someone you cherish, we can help you make it special and unique.

For more than 60 years, our advisors have guided families in their choice of a memorial or headstone. Above all, we help families choose the best way to carry out the most appropriate rite of passage for their loved ones.

Quality Funeral Services

Although our reputation is based on the quality of our services, it is also explained by the way we have been able to adjust our technical work methods and our attention to rituals over the years. Crafting monuments from the finest granite that the world has to offer, Granite Lacroix is proud to offer original creations in both contemporary and traditional styles.

In order to further define your needs and desires, we are always ready to answer any questions you may have, without any obligation on your part, so as to ensure your entire satisfaction.We can guide you in your choices.


Headstones and Memorials

Throughout time, stonecutting has been an underrated art because it is connected with a stage of life, which we prefer to ignore. A monument is the symbol of immortality …

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Commemorative monuments

We have created many commemorative monuments that can be found in public parks, such as the one honouring the late premier Antonio Barrette in Joliette…

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Local manufacturer

Historically, the manufacturing of a monument was purely artisanal. The work of the stone requires several steps…

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A team to support you

Would you like to have a monument engraved to perpetuate the memory of a loved one? We advise the families in the respect of the traditions of the rites and the personal choices.


Marie Josée Crête

« En mon nom, celui de ma sœur et de ma mère, je tenais à vous exprimer notre plus grande satisfaction à l’égard du travail que vous avez accompli. Nous nous y sommes rendues hier et ce fut un beau cadeau de la fête des Pères ! Merci de nous avoir accompagnées dans ce choix et d’avoir été à la hauteur de nos attentes. » Marie Josée...

Lynn Stanley

« Thank you for all your assistance with this. You made this process very simple for me and I will gladly share your contact information to others in the area. » Lynn Stanley

Francine Carbonneau

« Bonjour, Juste un petit mot pour vous dire « merci ». On avait demandé que le monument de mon frère soit gravé si possible, avant sa mise en terre lundi dernier le 27 mai au Cimetière Côtes des Neiges. On nous avait répondu que vous feriez votre possible, alors c’était fait. Encore une fois merci! » Francine Carbonneau

John B.

« Lacroix Granite provided me a excellent  experience.  Mme Rondeau guided me through their selection of products and choices and offered great advice.  The installed funeral monument exceeded my expectations.  The monument included beautiful representative artist etchings of my parents. » John B.