Granite and Bronze Sculture for Gravestones and Funerary Momuments

A Memory, as a Flower Sculptured in Stone, Never Fades.

Unique symbols make your monument special.

Through the talent of our renowned sculptor, Robert Nepveu, who possesses an art degree from UQAM, we are able to create unique and high-quality works.

Mr. Nepveu participated in myriad community art exhibitions from 1978 to 2005. Some of his achievements are the 7th Symposium of Iberville in 2002, the sculpture of a mother bear and its small bear cub for the Mistassini youth centre in 2002 and a 10-foot tall hand holding a diploma for the Cree professional training centre in Waswanipi in 2005.


Bronze Works

Created by our sculptor-modeller, the custom Bronze Works are real pieces of art. Jules Lasalle, has built a solid reputation for himself.Our very talented sculptors know how to please families while ensuring a refined tribute.



Renowned sculptors, an unalterable material, a concern for quality and respect; if you are considering an exceptional monument, it is with the support of professionals of great talent that we will be able to answer your request.

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