Maker of various custom granite items.

Local manufacturer

Historically, the manufacturing of a monument was purely artisanal. The work of the stone requires several steps. From the time when Mr. Lacroix used the tip and hammer until today, where men and machines collaborate, in the end, the goal remains the same: to produce a single piece from a rough block of granite.

At Granite Lacroix, all stages of manufacturing are done internally, and we are very proud of it. In order to offer customers a multitude of granite choices in terms of size and color, the company buys from wholesalers and importers of large granite rough blocks. Once received, these blocks are sawn into slices. Then, step by step, the slices are polished before being cut to the required dimensions. The sides are subsequently cut or sawn and polished to the desired effect. And it is only after all these preparatory steps that finally begins the work of completion. Engraving, lettering, sculptures, bronze appliqués, porcelain photos will, by their specific character, bring the artistic and personal touch of each realization.

Once the monument is completed, the company’s employees proceed to delivery and installation at the cemetery or public place in the case of memorials.


Would you like to have a monument engraved to perpetuate the memory of a loved one? Contact us for impeccable work and a guarantee.

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