Maker of Ornaments and Funeral Plates


We have a vast selection of ornaments to enhance the beauty of your monument. They will be installed by our specialists. You will find vases for flowers, memorial lanterns, incense burners and articles in fiberglass such as statues, angels and doves.

Commemorative porcelain photo

The choice of a photo sublimated in porcelain is a choice that reinforces the commemorative link. It is an elegant medium that allows a lot of flexibility for a personalized tribute. It is available in black and white or in colour, in several shapes as well as in various finishes and sizes.
Borders = white, smoked or borderless.


Bronze Plaques

An option to consider if you lack space

Bronze plaques can be used as an alternative for recording the name of a deceased person when there is not enough space for the inscriptions on a monument or as a commemorative element.


When it comes to choosing an ornament that will give your monument a personal touch, it’s the details that make all the difference. We will take meticulous care and attention to offer you the very best of us.

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