Maker of personalized funeral urns in Granite, Wood or Metal.

It is often difficult to choose among the wide range of cremation urns. Our professionals will help you choose an urn according to your preferences, the personality of the deceased and the location where it will be deposited. We offer many types of cremation urns made of pink, grey or black granite, wood, marble and metal.

Make the choice of the funeral urn

It is with great respect that our team will guide you with the choice of the urn in which the ashes or part of the ashes of the deceased will be kept. Here are some points of reflection to consider in your decision making process for choosing the funeral niche.

  • Where will the ballot box be kept?
  • What type of materials are you looking for the urn?
  • Do you have a preference in color, shape?
  • What is your budget?

Our team is available and can accompany you in this delicate process. Our professionals will help you choose an urn according to your wishes, the personality of the deceased and the place you will keep it.


A symbol of a precious heritage, the cremation urn is also an ornament honoring the memory of the lost one. Among our range of products is surely the urn that best reflect the personality of the deceased while respecting your need and of course, your budget.

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