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For any request of engraving on a monument, please complete the following form. In response to your request, one of our team member will contact you to validate the information received and to answer your questions.

Frequently asked questions

1 – How much does it cost to have my monument engraved?
The cost of engravings in cemeteries is calculated according to the number of characters to be engraved. A character is either a letter, a number, a hyphen, or a special character.

The cost for a standard in cemetery engraving is as follow:
– Minimum fee of $220 (includes 18 characters or less)
– Each additional character = $11 each

EXAMPLES of standard in cemetery engravings:
A – Engraving of year of death only (4 characters): 2022
Minimum fee = $220

B – Engrave the name and the years of birth and death (31 characters):
1900 – 2000
Minimum fee of $220
Addition 13 characters X $11 = $143
Total of $363

A non-standard engraving requires that our team goes on site to take a print of the existing engravings on the monument before proceeding with the new engraving.
A non-standard engraving includes:
– Engraving that is not English or French.
– Engraving with an uncommon font (cursive letter, manuscript or others)
– Engraving with uncommon disposition (diagonal, circular arc, etc…)

The cost for a non-standard engraving is as follow:
– Minimum fee 310$ (includes 18 characters or less)
– Each additional character = $20 each

Cost does not include sales taxes.

2 – Will the engraving be the same as the other engravings already on the monument?
Yes. In most cases, our engravers can reproduce the same typography and the same letter dimensions as what already appears on the monument. There are cases, however, where the exact reproduction is impossible. Especially in the case of monuments that were designed and manufactured several years ago when the engraving techniques were not the same as they are today. For example, there was a time where handcrafted engravings were made with cold chisel or lettering in lead which, for obvious health reasons, are no longer possible to reproduce today.

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